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How To Stay Driven During the Coronavirus

Mar 21, 2020 12:00:00 PM / by Wes

First thing’s first: take a deep breath and stay calm.

It’s tough out there, y’all. Anxiety, confusion, fear, and a whole lot of other feelings have been pervading our daily lives to the point where it’s become a bit overwhelming. And to top it off, we’re forced to actually spend time with our families.


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I’m just kidding. Spending time together with your family, significant other, or anyone else you’re close to can be fun. At some point, however, you won’t want to play cards or complete that 1,000-piece puzzle. You’ll need something to do that’s productive. If you’ve been daydreaming of a new vehicle and are worried that the Coronavirus has put a hold on your dreams, we have some good news for you. When is the best time to buy a car, you ask? Now is a good time to start browsing RumbleOn’s inventory and see what we have in stock. Who knows, we may have the car you’ve been searching for. 


As a car selling website, we know the importance of convenience and customer service.

Any business can say they’re the best at customer service and make every effort to make the transaction process convenient. But, is that true? It is at RumbleOn. Our customer service representatives are the best in the industry and are always standing by to answer any and all questions. 

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And when we say buying a vehicle with RumbleOn is convenient, we mean it. It’s so easy you don’t have to leave your couch. The whole process is completed online, and our RumbleOn Representatives will be in contact with you quickly. Buy a motorcycle, car, truck, SUV, or ATV with us and you’ll personally experience the RumbleOn difference.


“Why should I spend my time looking at your inventory instead of the dealer’s?”

RumbleOn isn’t your run-of-the-mill online company. Besides just providing an easy buying process and a team of customer service experts, every one of our vehicles comes with a Mechanical Guarantee, Money-Back Guarantee, third-party full condition report, and affordable shipping straight to your driveway. Motorcycle, car, truck, SUV, ATV — each one comes with all of the above. 


Simply put, RumbleOn makes it easy whether you want to buy used ATVs, browse motorcycles for sale, or pick out the next family SUV. 


In addition, we’re a family at RumbleOn, and we treat our customers like they’re one of our own. We care about your health and safety, especially during this uncertain time, so if there’s any way we can be of any assistance, just let us know. 


How is RumbleOn responding to the current COVID-19 crisis?

Everyone, everywhere is feeling the brunt of the Coronavirus in some form or fashion, and it’s more important than ever that we all stick together. Doing our part to help our customers is of the utmost importance, especially when you’re ready to purchase a vehicle with us. Our mission has always been to provide the best customer service in the industry and that is never going to waver. 


Staying productive during this time is essential for your mental health. Our advice? Continue doing what you love whether it’s completing that 1,000-piece puzzle or playing cards with your family while you’re stuck inside. We may not be able to provide you with any hand sanitizer, but we can still offer a great deal on a top-quality used car, truck, SUV, ATV, or motorcycle. We’re always online and make the buying process easier than the rest of the competition. Come experience it for yourself and remember to keep washing your hands.

How To Stay Driven During The Coronavirus | Shutterstock

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Written by Wes

As a veteran motorcycle rider and garage gearhead, I'm no spring chicken. I'm here to give tips for beginner motorcycle riders and car enthusiasts, and teach the ways of the road.