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Blimey! RumbleOn and Antiques Roadshow? Can this be?

Apr 1, 2019 11:30:00 AM / by Cornelius Cornfoot

Blimey! RumbleOn and Antiques Roadshow? Can this be?

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more topsy-turvy, RumbleOn revealed their Cash Offer Tool is actually powered by alumni from Antiques Roadshow. And we’re completely chuffed about it!


Trade in or sell a motorcycle the easy way, George and Cornelius will give you an offer!

Need fast cash? Want to trade for a new ride? Submit your info and get your free cash offer before tea time!

What's Your Cash Offer? 


Bullocks! The jig is up, though it does feel bloody well and good to finally have it out in the open! Truthfully, George and I were worried you’d be completely miffed upon discovering our European roots, though it was never our intention to upset or offend (well, not really). We know Americans have a knack for the ‘dramatic,’ but I assure you, our roots are no reason to get your knickers in a twist. We’re good chaps!

As your Antiques Experts, George and I couldn’t be more pleased to be conducting these motorbike assessments on your behalf. Indeed, we find it most fascinating some of the features you Americans fancy in your motorbikes—pardon me, your motorcycles.

RumbleOn cash offers are given by British chaps who love antiques

In fact, George once told me the most knees-up story about a certain Suzuki bike RumbleOn came to acquire. I daresay, I thought the man had completely lost his marbles upon divulging the cash offer he made to the previous owner. “And did they accept your offer?” I inquired. “Well, of course!” the corker quipped. Bloody well done, sir! What I mean is, say what you will about British temperament, but we know our onions when it comes to how to sell motorcycles online. Good lad that he is, Marshall Chesrown, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of RumbleOn, seems to think we do, which is why his team reached out to George and me in the first place:

“When we first designed the app and the 15-minute turnaround time for customers to get a cash offer, it was ‘algorithm this’ and ‘cross-reference value that.’ Frankly, it was a nightmare,” said Mr Chesrown. “Once we realised it would be so much easier and faster to just to hire a few guys from Antiques Roadshow out of England, the whole thing came together beautifully.”

RumbleOn motorcycle cash offers are given by antique experts in the U.K.

The whole process really is quite nifty, come to think of it. All we require, good sir or madam, is that you supply your VIN to our motorcycle VIN decoder via the device of your choosing (though our free mobile app for handheld devices is more than sufficient, I must say). Thenceforth, either George or myself uses our superior knowledge of motorbikes and powersports to determine your vehicle’s live-market value. Lastly, we’ll devise your FREE cash offer and dispatch it to your email, all within a matter of minutes!

A RumbleOn antique expert will give your motorcycle a cash offer

Simple enough, eh? With RumbleOn, you needn’t worry about waiting a fortnight for payment, either, because once we collect and approve the proper paperwork from you, we’ll send payment electronically to your account. Sometimes, you get cash for your vehicle as soon as the same day! It’s bloody brilliant if you ask us. And if you aren’t pleased with our offer, don’t fret! RumbleOn Classifieds is an excellent resource dedicated to private party listings where you can name your own price!

Well, it’s Tea Time here in the U.K., and George and I are completely famished. Hope I’ve put your mind at ease with regards to RumbleOn’s Cash Offer Tool being run by a bunch of John Bulls. If not, Happy April Fool’s Day, everyone! It’s been a smashing good time!


What offer will George and Cornelius give you? Find out if these Brits know their stuff! 

Let's put these guys to work! Get your free cash offer sent to your email in as little as 15 minutes!
What's Your Cash Offer?

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Cornelius Cornfoot

Written by Cornelius Cornfoot

Pip, pip! I'm an alumni antique appraiser from across the pond! I just love seeing all the RumbleOn bikes and ATVs that come my way. Giving cash offers over tea is just a jolly good time.

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