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RumbleOn Gives Thanks for Military and First Responders

Nov 17, 2017 11:58:00 AM / by RumbleOn Road Captain

RumbleOn Gives Back to Those Who Give the Most

There are a few special people out there who give their all so the rest of us can enjoy our freedoms and overall safety. Police, current and military veterans, firefighters, and EMTs are an important type of person: ones who are willing to be selfless, heroic, and brave in the face of danger.

RumbleOn recognizes the unique and special attributes of these men and women and has now launched a campaign to show them the thanks that they deserve.

Thank you to our heroes.gif

Some heroes are individuals who have laid their life on the line, all so that we don’t have to. We’re talking about those who have served, or are currently serving, in the police force, as a firefighter or EMT, as well as the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, and National Guard. This country would not be the beautiful “Land of the Free” if it weren’t also the “Home of the Brave.”

From now on, whenever they purchase a RumbleOn motorcycle, all military and first responder (police, fire rescue, and EMT) personnel will receive a $500 Visa Gift Card, a box full of free merch, and a handwritten 'Thank You' note from all RumbleOn employees. With this campaign, RumbleOn aims to acknowledge and celebrate these heroes, those who are part of something greater. To honor their bravery, this gift will be given to all veterans and also to those who are currently serving. There is no limit regarding the price of the motorcycle that is purchased. To receive this gift, all eligible customers only need to provide documentation of their prior or current service.

We sincerely hope you accept these gifts as a small token of our appreciation. From everyone here at RumbleOn, we sincerely thank you. Your sacrifices do not go unnoticed.

Yours respectfully,



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